Food at Tioman

You might uncover a good amount of dining establishments in Salang Bay or in ABC. All dining establishments serve a terrific assortment of regional cuisine, Thai and Indonesian dishes, Western meals, fresh BBQ seafood or BBQ chicken. You'll want to check out a number of the wonderful curries and we'll guarantee you will have no dilemma satisfying your own tastebuds.


Dining establishments in Salang Bay:

For sweet & sour fish slices, Indonesian clay pot prawns or even sizzling bean curd and much more Oriental expertise we recommend the Chinese cafe at Salang beach Resort.

Famous Roti Canai either plain or with cheese, egg, sardine or banana are available at Salang Indah Resturant right alongside our moist region. During the day they serve an abundance of Asian and Western dishes and also at night you need to not miss the fantastic Barbecue sea food practically fresh new through the sea.

Salang Dreams Restaurant next to the jetty in Salang Bay is just about the most popular restaurant these days thanks to it's perfect location right at the beach. These people serve little finger licking whole Barbecue Chicken with Barbecue potato and sweet corn, Fresh seafood, Asian dishes but also steaks and pasta. There is a small cafe right at the lake which is only place serving proper coffee. Your meals are good, the price is fair but the support gets slower at night when the place is loaded.

Within Salang Pusaka Resort you are able to obtain their own beautiful restaurant. They have nice settings and serve you the standard community dishes or seafood, steaks and grilled vegetables. The have a projector and often display motion pictures at night.

For those who really want to attempt nearby dishes, go during lunch hours to the Salang Complex building next to the jetty. You are going to uncover a few food stalls offering Nasi Campur (mixed rice) the way only locals and insider eat; definitive worth the visit.