General Information

Tioman Island (Pulan Tioman) is located in the southeast coast of the Malay Peninsula, 60km , about 38 km and a width of 19 km , is the largest outside the coast of Pahang volcanic islands, respectively, by 64 small volcanic islands . Commercial development is relatively mature , neighbors Singaporeans Malaysia Tourism favorites. Tioman island with its coral reefs and abundant marine life and famous, but also for tourists challenging diving , undersea visibility up to 33 meters.


In SALANG beach where you can snorkel to the real coral gardens here have colored SEA FANS and anemones , as well as many beautiful DAMSEL CARDINAL fish and fish . PULAU TULAI and PULAU RENGGIS shallows near the island is also very suitable for shallow reef snorkeling and scuba diving . In addition , PULAU CHEBEH have undersea caves ; uninhabited PULAU SEPOI and PULAU LABAS two islands also have a beautiful reef . Tioman Island from the boat departed to go only one hour away.

Tioman island has eight small fishing village , most villagers fishing, kind of rubber for a living. The island has a roof made โ€‹โ€‹of coconut leaves used cabins called " Ah answer ." This cabin is a simple one , but very cool. The main building is a hotel on the island , from the luxurious Royal Plaza Hotel to the average person can afford vacation homes , everything. And the hotel more than a " Minangkabau " type of building. Minangkabau is the name of South Sumatra, Indonesia minorities. Building shaped like a dovetail -shaped geometry and has carved brackets, color to brown.

To Tioman Island tourism, mountaineering panoramic sea is a great enjoyment . There are cable cars climbing tracks available . There are two hiking routes: one is " climbing expeditions " and the other one is " Jungle Adventure ." Additionally, you can take the boat parade around the island for the island .

Tioman Island and winding coast , shore strange Shi Zhengrong , clean, soft golden sand , clear water quiet , but Tioman Island is the most attractive place underwater world of colorful tropical fish . In addition to the island , the best place to watch the underwater world of coral islands . There have white coral beaches, tall green coconut trees, crystal clear waters , colorful corals and offshore have countless beautiful fish across it . Visitors standing in the water , tropical fish shuttling between the feet , the collision with the body , adding a lot of fun. Tioman Island with tropical fish underwater world, which is listed as one of the world 's top ten beautiful islands of the main reasons.