Pulau Tulai

Tulai Island is situated off the northeastern coast of Tioman. It's also frequently known as Coral Island by tourist boat operators that provide day-to-day excursion to this island. The journey will take about 30 minutes on speed boats from Salang village. There needs to be boat operators leaving behind from Tekek or Air Batang too, but the journey will require slightly longer time.


I arrived right here from my dive at nearby Chebeh Area. Most dive operators will make in-between dive stops for about an hour ahead of departing for the second dive of your day. While there's one more sandy beach location on Tulai Island called Tedau Bay which can be also identified for dive breaks, I feel you'll want to insist on stopping at this one particular.

Basically, the name from the beach is Pantai Pasir Panjang (or Extended Beach). I can not blame the locals for coming up with such unoriginal name since there are actually also Lengthy Beach(es) in Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian.

A lady who was within the dive trip created a remark, "Does the water definitely look like that?" when seeing the amazing colours from the ocean because the sweltering sun shines through it. Indeed, this beach is extremely gorgeous. The sands are surprisingly white, and naturally, powdery soft. Any angle that I see it, I only could consider flawless beach scenes which might be typically epitomized by postcards and travel magazines.

The water was enticing adequate that I couldn't assistance myself but dipping in the crystal clear water to get a swift bath. You'll find also some great areas of coral on the beach, therefore snorkeling boats are frequently observed here. For much better snorkeling knowledge, I strongly suggest the nearby Malang Rock that is accessible by boat.