Famous Tioman (Tioman Island) is the largest east coast islands an island , but the island's population does not have much . The island has always been between sailing boats , docked on shore in exchange for important local fresh drinking water and other supplies . US Tioman Island , all in its spectacular waterfalls , dense forest area on clear, transparent and has a lot of fascinating sea fish and coral reefs .


Tioman Island in the north and south has not bad development , built around a lovely cottage . In a place not far from the airport , there is a "success Tioman Resort " BERJAYA TIOMAN RESORT. One of the more famous beaches, located in the SALANG village , TEKEK village and GENTING village. JUARA Tioman Island is located east of the beach , is the secret place relatively few people come , carrying luggage of travelers generally prefer this settled, the main reason is relatively cheap accommodation here . Another option is the northern beaches of Tioman Island , short trek across a small hill , you can arrive AYER BATANG, here to coral reefs, cheap accommodation and restaurants and praised . Other places include : TELUK NIPAH and MUKUT, however, this place must use two vessels , only way to arrive . MUKUT was the movie "SOUTH PACIFIC" shooting scene.

Pahang cloud ice from departure to Tioman Island , take 4 hours fishing voyage , then just 2 hours by speedboat . Visitors can also leave for Tioman Island from Mersing in Johor . From Kuantan , Kuala Lumpur and Singapore , there are provided a daily flight service to Tioman Island . In addition, Singapore as well as providing access to Tioman Island catamaran cruise and support .

Tioman Island is about 38 km and a width of 19 km , is the largest outside the coast of Pahang volcanic islands were composed of 64 islands . Tioman island with its coral reefs and abundant marine life and famous, but also for tourists challenging diving , undersea visibility up to 33 meters. In SALANG beach where you can snorkel to the real coral gardens here have colored SEA FANS and anemones , as well as many beautiful DAMSEL CARDINAL fish and fish . PULAU TULAI and PULAU RENGGIS shallows near the island is also very suitable for shallow reef snorkeling and scuba diving . In addition , PULAU CHEBEH have undersea caves ; uninhabited PULAU SEPOI and PULAU LABAS two islands also have a beautiful reef . Tioman Island from the boat departed to go only one hour away.

Tioman island has a variety of accommodation options, including the five-star resorts, hostels, longhouses and the A -shaped hut . In addition, the island is located in the West Bank , has 376 rooms BERJAYA TIOMAN BEACH RESORT ( Tel :09 -419 1000 , Fax :09 -419 1718 ) , travelers can take a glass- bottom boats , enjoy the beautiful underwater world. In addition, visitors can also find cheaper accommodation in TEKEK, SALANG, GENTING and AIR BATANG other small villages.

Tioman Island Airlines is to take the easiest way . Rainbow Airlines has daily scheduled flights to take off from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore . In addition , there is also a successful aviation daily flights from Kuala Lumpur to take off. Flew through the air from Kuala Lumpur or Singapore Tioman Island only one hour . If you choose to go by land , you can start to Mersing Johor , or cloud ice near TANJONG Pahang GEMUK. Here with a regular ferry traveling between the land and islands. From the harbor pier rich or TANJONG GEMUK starting voyage takes 2 hours. In addition , THE ISLAND PEARL raft boats daily from Singapore bound for the World Trade Center, Tioman Island , the voyage takes four and a half hours.